Saturday, November 29, 2014

Islamic State Fighters Enjoy Junk Food And Western Gadgets

An Isis fighter in Raqqa

Isis Fighters Crave Snacks And Gadgets Of The West They Disdain -- Financial Times

What do jihadi militants crave on their break at the battlefront? Pringles are one frontline favourite. Another is Red Bull.

Thousands of foreign fighters who have flocked to Syria want to create an austere Islamic state harking back to the past. But they have retained their taste for the modern-day snacks and gadgets of the western countries they disdain.

Locals are not only living in fear of these militants, who use brutal mass executions and beheadings to impose their rule, but they are also trying to find ways to survive an economic crisis provoked by three years of civil war. Many say that the best strategy is catering to the tastes of the fighters they loathe.

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My Comment: They may disdain the culture of the West .... but they certainly love some of our additions and pleasures.


Unknown said...

So they are kind of like techno Amish except with a real nasty, cruel streak.

Naz said...

Not quite.
Techno Amish: "Why would we bother fighting when it's time for (throws arms up and jumps in time to beat) uhn-tiss uhn-tiss uhn-tiss!"