Friday, November 28, 2014

Life Is Not Easy Inside Crimea

Teenagers Murdered, Women Hounded On The Street And Money So Tight Even The Strippers Can't Get Paid: Inside 'Prison Cell' Crimea After Russian Invasion -- Daily Mail

* MailOnline sees residents handcuffed in the street and harassed by police
* People are snatched from the street for political activism
* Teenagers killed by police 'just for speaking native Ukrainian'
* Russians forced to take 'fake holidays' in former tourist jewel on Black Sea
* Desperate plight of people revealed after Putin annexed Crimea in March

Murdered for speaking their mother tongue, kidnapped for their religion, harassed for daring to question Vladimir Putin - and money so tight even the strippers can't get paid: welcome to the tourist jewel of Crimea almost nine months on from Russia's military annexation.

The Black Sea peninsula has some of the most stunning mountain and sea scenery in Europe yet has suffered a catastrophic summer after the Moscow invasion in February.

MailOnline found the desperate region - formerly a bustling tourist resort - preparing for a winter of food shortages, soaring prices, and power cuts. But much more chillingly we found evidence of people being killed for speaking Ukrainian, hounded for being Muslim Tatars and fear even among the residents who support Putin.

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Update: Eight months after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, a complicated transition -- Washington Post

My Comment: Life in Ukraine is also not a "bed of roses" .... and in eastern Ukraine it is "pure hell" right now. It is with this perspective that many who live in Crimea .... especially the Russian community .... will probably try their best to stick it out and hope for better times in a year or two. What's my prediction .... I sadly do not see any improvements for the next decade.

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