Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nuclear Missile Trains Are Making A Comeback In Russia

The last surviving RT-23 missile perched above its railway based launcher at the Central Museum of Railway Transport in St. Petersburg. George Shuklin / Wikicommons

Russia Looks to Revive Nuclear Missile Trains to Counter U.S. Attack Capability -- Moscow Times

Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces are considering bringing back iconic Soviet-era nuclear missile trains as Moscow pumps money into a complete overhaul its aging nuclear arsenal.

According to an unidentified source in the Russian military-industrial complex quoted by the TASS news agency on Thursday, the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology — makers of the Topol, Yars and Bulava missiles — is designing a next-generation missile launching train.

"While the decision to start manufacturing [missile trains] is still pending, the probability is high that it will happen," the source was quoted as saying, explaining that technical studies and cost estimates are still being conducted.

"In the best-case scenario, they will be deployed by the end of the decade, probably somewhere around 2019," he said.

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My Comment: With news reports and developments like this one .... you have to wonder if the Cold War is making a comeback.


James said...

RE: New Cold War and modern day foreign policy;

Everybody knows that there will be a fire one day.

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And I was wondering last night on where is James? And hoping that everything is OK. :)

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