Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Iraq Kills 300 Islamic State Fighters In A Major Battle North Of Baghdad

BBC: Iraqi forces 'recapture Dhuluiya from Islamic State'

WNU Editor: If these reports are accurate .... it is a huge victory for the Iraqi army. This also suggests that the Islamic State is not very good at defending sites when confronted by an organized military opposition.

More News On The Battle For Dhuluiya

Iraqi forces 'retake Dhuluiyah from ISIL' -- Al Jazeera
Iraqi forces clear Dhuluiyah of ISIS jihadis: commanders -- Daily Star/AFP
Iraqi forces recapture town in Salahudin province -- Xinhuanet


Unknown said...

Losing Mosul around or before May is looking good.

Ar Raqqah is just too small for a big guy like Al Baghdadi these days. It will not be a good time for him.


James said...

I don't know Aizino, yes it does indicate perhaps a corner being turned, but I'm not convinced just yet. I believed from the beginning ISIS would have trouble with any veteran operationally sound force, I just don't know about their learning curve of the last two months and I still have grave doubts with the Iraqi/Shia/army/militia.

Unknown said...

There is a lot I don't know.

- ISIS motor pool (& losses)
- ISIS recruitment & training
- Commitment of 1st line Irananian troops
- Effect of low oil prices on Iranian economy & war effort

So may guestimate of May could be shot out of the water.

My estimate is based on the back & forth in Salahuddin & Diyala provinces, The inability to take Ramadi. Haditha is not under ISIS control. The inability to take Amiriyat Fallujah, getting their asses kicked in Jurf Sakhar, no more worried reports from the Abu Graib area. The Kurds making inroads in Sinjar area, Kobani being a meat grinder

Granted I am not a G2 person.

I could be wrong.

I expect regardless of ISIS being kicked out of 60% of their territory, terrorism is going to continue to flourish.