Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Russian Opposition Leader Aleksey Navalny Found Guilty Of Fraud, But Will Not Go To Jail

Top Opposition Figure Navalny guilty Of Embezzlement, Gets 3.5yrs Suspended -- RT

Russian opposition activist Aleksey Navalny has received a suspended 3.5 year sentence in an embezzlement case, a Moscow district court announced in an early verdict.

Navalny was accused of embezzling over $500,000 from cosmetics company Yves Roche. Those charges can merit a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

Aleksey Navalny stood trial with his brother Oleg, who was facing an eight-year sentence. Oleg was also found guilty and received a sentence of 3.5 years in prison.

Both brothers were each fined 500,000 rubles (US $8,500) and together will have to pay out 4.4 million rubles ($76,000) to a company listed as one of those affected in the case.

The Navalnys’ lawyers have already appealed Oleg's sentence.

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My Comment: Russian politics is incredibly brutal .... and I did expect a 5 - 8 jail sentence for him .... at least that is what my friends in Moscow told me a few days ago. As I always tell outsiders who are not familiar with Russia .... politicians and their business dealings go "hand-in-hand" in Russia .... and sometimes some people are not happy with the deal that got arranged. But in the case of Russian opposition activist Aleksey Navalny .... being a political opponent to Russian President Putin and being open about it did not help .... but like I said .... he got lucky ... he is not going to jail. As for his brother .... he is going to a prison camp, and by doing so they are sending a message to his brother .... watch out.


bn said...

Mafia style

"...As I always tell outsiders who are not familiar with Russia .... politicians and their business dealings go "hand-in-hand" in Russia "

You should inform the authorities in Canada that you are a corrupt.

"Sebastian" said...

Its a f****** scam, the company says that they havent lost any money. This is just a dictator removing a critic, Russia smells of shit nowdays.

James said...

I think this one's easy, Aleksey stays out of jail (can't become a martyr, suspended sentence and his brothers fate hanging on Aleksey's future behavior. Let's see how Aleksey acts in the next 6-12 months.