Friday, January 30, 2015

Three U.S. Defense Contractors Killed In Afghanistan By An Insider Attack

FOX News: Taliban says agent infiltrated Afghan's security forces for attack that killed 3 Americans

WNU Editor: Even though U.S. forces are leaving .... this is a reminder that Afghanistan is still a very dangerous place.

More News On Thursday's Insider Attack That Killed Three U.S. Contractors In Afghanistan

Taliban claims responsibility for attack on Americans at military base near airport -- Washington Post
Gunman Who Killed 3 Americans Was Said to Wear Afghan Military Uniform -- NYT
Taliban Claims Afghanistan Attack -- VOA
Three U.S. contractors killed in 'insider attack' in Afghanistan -- Reuters
Taliban claim responsibility for Kabul attack that killed 3 Americans -- CNN
Taliban claim responsibility for insider attack that killed three American contractors at Kabul airport -- Daily Mail

1 comment:

Unknown said...

"Even though U.S. forces are leaving" they are killing us.

Before that they give safe haven to those that were killing us.

After we leave they will in many ways support those that will kill us.

So why ever stop killing them?

Turn about is fair play.