Thursday, February 26, 2015

No Combat Casualties For Second Straight Day In Ukarine

Members of the Ukrainian armed forces and armoured personnel carriers are seen preparing to move as they pull back from Debaltseve region, near Artemivsk February 26, 2015. Credit: Reuters/Gleb Garanich

Reuters: Kiev reports no combat casualties for second straight day

(Reuters) - Ukraine's military reported no combat casualties at the front for a second straight day on Thursday, a sign that a ceasefire deal has held at last after rebels initially ignored it to launch one of the biggest battles of the war last week.

After initially spurning the truce to advance, the pro-Russian separatist rebels have been withdrawing heavy weapons from the front under the ceasefire deal for the past two days. A military source told Reuters that Kiev could order its own artillery withdrawal later on Thursday.

WNU Editor: I am still pessimistic that this truce will hold .... but everyday that there is peace means that there is hope.


jj said...

Nice to see Givi and Motorola getting awarded for bravery in combat ..

Rhaegar said...

Thanks for the link, yup they deserve the awards.

1. Also war news, when do you think this peacetruce will collapse?

2. And a more important but under reported thing, are there any video from 25th February of the meeting in the "alternative" military headquarters who Semen Semchenko talked about?

3. Also yup that is his name, why is the firstname english sounding? just curious, also here I even found a western media outlet writing about this: se the near end of article where this is mentioned. so sadly it seems real that this headquarter exist but I am unsure of how powerfull their infulence will be....

James said...

Hey Rhaegar,
I've noticed your english is getting pretty good, as is the improvement in your thought processes as expressed in english.

Rhaegar said...

Thank you James :)