Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In Ukraine Contolled Regions Of The Donbas The Army Is Facing A Hostile Population

Ukrainian armored vehicle stands in the street of Kostyantynivka after hitting and killing an 8-year-old girl and her aunt. © Kostyantynivka/vk.me

Radio Free Europe: Unrest In Ukrainian Town After Girl Killed By Armored Vehicle

Authorities in a government-held town in eastern Ukraine have made arrests after violence that followed a road accident in which an armored vehicle struck and killed a young girl.

Angry residents of the Donetsk region town of Kostyantynivka threw stones at a barracks, torched two cars, and overturned a third after servicemen apparently lost control of an armored vehicle on March 16, killing a girl who was about 7 years old and injuring her aunt and a toddler.

Police stepped up patrols to avert any more unrest, Donetsk region police chief Vyacheslav Abroskin said on Facebook on March 17.

Update: Ukraine scrambles to avoid new unrest flashpoint in the east (AP)

WNU Editor: Kostyantynivka is a region in the Donetsk Oblast that has a population of about 90,000 of which 80% are Russian (if not more) .... and the soldiers who control the area are predominantly from Kiev/Western Ukraine .... to say that relations between the two sides are bad is an understatement. The reason why this accident occurred is because the armored vehicle was speeding down the road and it lost control .... but the reason why this vehicle (and others like it) go fast is because these Ukrainian soldiers know that if they do not travel fast .... they could easily be picked off by an RPG/sniper/Molotov cocktail/etc.. This is what I mean by a low-level insurgency now underway in the regions that are now controlled by the Ukrainian military .... the locals want them out and gone .... but Kiev has ordered them to stay .... hence we now have incidents like what happened in Kostyantynivka yesterday .... or like this..... and in the end the anger and bitterness only intensifies.


Jay Farquharson said...

Sorry WNU Editor,

But all the witness reports, say they were drunk,

And the online vids show the vehicle was doing 30k in a 50 zone.

The SBU has arrested, all the occupants, but that will not be enough to satisfy the locals.

You tube is "littered" with Ukranian armoured vehicle accident's as a result of DUI's.

Even the NYT had to footnote the rapes, robberies and drunken behaviour of the UA in Artemorsk in the aftermath of the Debaltseve Cauldron.

Soldier's don't act that way to " their own people".

War News Updates Editor said...

Drunkenness and criminal behavior is unfortunately becoming a problem in this conflict. I have read more than enough reports on that. I do not know the particulars of this accident, but I do know that these armored units are always speeding like crazy down these streets .... and the accidents are happening.