Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Iranian Nuclear Talks Are Extended For One More Day

New York Times: Iran Nuclear Talks Extended to Wednesday, Negotiators Say

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Negotiators from the United States, Iran and five other nations extended their deadline until Wednesday as they struggled to agree on a preliminary accord to limit Tehran’s nuclear program.

With a previously enunciated deadline just hours away, and after a full day of talks with most of the foreign ministers from the seven countries involved in the negotiations, an American official said that they were still working to resolve several issues.

“We’ve made enough progress in the last days to merit staying until Wednesday,” said Marie Harf, a State Department spokeswoman. “There are several difficult issues remaining.”

WNU Editor: My guess is that US Sec. of State Kerry is staying for one more day to try and bring back something "concrete" to Washington to show to Congress that progress is being made. My prediction .... he will have nothing for the simple reason that the Iranians are not willing to budge on giving up their enrich material nor are they interested in scaling back their research. In turn .... the U.S. Congress will now need to decide if they should impose additional sanctions against Iran when they get back from their recess in two weeks.

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Unknown said...

There are never any cost overruns, delays or failures in Foggy Bottom diplomacy.

Some banks are Too Big to Fail (TBTF).

Some diplomatic establishments are to dishonest or stupid to admit failure.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you mother fucker russian

Unknown said...

Angry anon! Sympathizers cannot stand this truth ... Untold $$$ wasted on a deal so potus feels accomplished a la Nixon with China. These diplomats are surely enjoying their accommodations in 5 star hotels in Switzerland - I've got an idea, relocate negotiations to AQ territory in Afghanistan - hooches and local amenities only +strict ROE. Deal will be complete before they land in their jets.

Unknown said...


I feel angry enough to go there and say what you say.

But I often thing an island like Bermuda is the right size for the UN.

There would be no need to a 50 mile radius to keep "diplomats" from spying. It would free up the FBI

I think Switzerland, Austria, & NYC are too posh for diplomats and UN employees.

Their digs and offices should be on some remote island in the ocean far from anywhere. Of course there would be morale, welfare, and recreation activities like in the military. But it would not be in a place that Paris Hilton or the Kardashians would visit.

They are doing mega structures now. No need to throw people off their island like Bermuda. They could build a floating city at the international date line. If it got boring, it would be a bonus. Diplomats would get in, negotiate and get out.

Unknown said...

Iranian Nuclear Talks Are Extended For One More Day

Proof that Kerry is both a Sadist and a masachist