Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No Promises From The U.S. Government That Americans Will See The Details Of An Iranian Nuclear Deal Before It Is Signed

Weekly Standard: State Won't Promise to Tell Americans Iran Deal Details Before It's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'

In an interview this evening on Fox News, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki would not promise that Americans would get to see the details of a nuclear deal with Iran before it's "signed, sealed, delivered."

Fox host Greta Van Susteren asked, "When there is a proposed deal, will the American people get sort of a real strong briefing on it before it's actually signed, sealed, and delivered so that we can have our thought whether it's a good deal, bad deal, so we can have some input? Or is this going to be signed and then we are going to hear about it?"

WNU Editor: This reminds me of living in the old Soviet Union .... do not question what we do, you do not need to know what we are doing, we decide what is best, you better do what we say, and we are definitely not interested in your input.

As to how the Iranian nuclear talks are being conducted .... I can understand that some minor treaties and agreements may not need to go through the public process until an agreement is done .... but the Iranian nuclear talks are a big thing .... it involves nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, and will directly impact all of our vital interests in the Middle East. To have these talks done in complete secrecy .... and then being essentially told that we will have to accept the agreement once signed .... this stinks to high heaven in every way and shows a complete contempt from the White House to those who may disagree with it's policies on Iran.


Bob Huntley said...

I appreciate your position but can you imagine ever achieving a suitable agreement that is dependent upon input and approval of the America Congress. The people of America had no input into the releasing of the Nuclear era on the world and now that box has been opened by several countries. I doubt very much that Iran will allow itself to be led by the nose, again.

War News Updates Editor said...

The Manhattan project occurred during war time .... so I do understand why no public discussion occurred. But past nuclear agreements .... U.S. - Soviet agreements are an example .... there was a lot of debate and discussion, and the points were known and/or understood before people like Gorbachev and Reagan met to formalize them .... and eventually agreed upon by Congress and others. But in these Iranian talks .... nothing .... and with no details there is no input or debate.

Bob Huntley said...

True even the hardliners in Iran want input but keep in mind while the US did not subject Russia to a puppet leader for decades, they did with Iran and that has I believe inspired hatred and mistrust that will not be overcome for generations. And the Iranians have made it somewhat clear they are not negotiating in good faith which being the case does not put the WH in a position where they can communicate with Americans or Congress details with any sense of belief in those details. In fact it might just be that they have nothing to release even at this late date.

If they did consult with Congress, imagine going to one of the other members and telling them 'sorry but our Congress disagrees on this point so we can't go on until it is changed'.

Anonymous said...

These talks are doing nothing but delaying the inevitable. I want too know who in their right mind would ever believe that Iran would comply with any agreement regarding nuclear technology. They will operate clandestinely whatever it takes. While their government may operate a religious state, the IRGC and its Quds force are no joke. They made a mockery of US forces in Iraq until the surge kept them at bay, now they are back too haunt us. Their presence in Iraq and a possible deal on nuclear energy will only come back to haunt us.

Bob Huntley said...

Absolutely and that is Iran's strategy get the nukes in place then talk deal, as equals of a sort. If anyone has learned about clandestine operations it is Iran and they learned well from the US.

James said...

"If anyone has learned about clandestine operations it is Iran and they learned well from the US."
I don't know Bob, if they've learned their best chops from us, they haven't learned much.