Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yemen War News Updates -- March 31, 2015

Washington Post: Rebels push offensive in Aden, killing dozens with artillery fire

SANAA, Yemen — Artillery fire in the southern Yemeni city of Aden, the last stronghold of the embattled Yemeni government, killed 26 people overnight Tuesday, news reports said.

Iran-allied Houthi rebels along with allied army units are pressing in on the outskirts of the city despite six days of Saudi-led airstrikes meant to halt their advance. A Health Ministry official said 26 people were killed in that push, the Reuters news agency reported.

The deaths came one day after an airstrike killed dozens of people at a camp for displaced people in northern Yemen, in what appeared to be the single deadliest attack since the Saudi-led coalition started bombing its neighbor to target Shiite insurgents advancing across the country.

Yemen War News Updates -- March 31, 2015

Saudi-led strikes again hit Yemen overnight -- Reuters
Saudi-led forces pound Yemen Shiite rebels as Iran sends aid -- AP
Saudi-led forces strike Houthi rebel positions across Yemen -- AFP
'Heaviest' Arab raids rock Yemen capital -- AFP
Airstrikes shake Yemen’s capital as Shiite rebels push south -- Washington Times
Air strikes hit Sana’a as Al Houthis push south -- AP
'Disturbing' reports of civilian casualties in Yemen, Red Cross says -- CNN
Civilian deaths mount as Yemen falls apart -- CBS/AP
At least 36 dead as Yemen's Houthis shell Aden, warplanes bomb airport -- Reuters
Air strike kills at least 40 at Yemen camp for displaced -- Reuters
Artillery fire in Yemen's Aden kills 10 militiamen loyal to Hadi: eyewitness -- Reuters
Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen kill 33 people, including civilians -- Al Bawaba
Ships join Saudi-led fight in Yemen -- Irish Times
Egyptian warships strike rebel targets in Yemen -- Israel Hayom
Saudi FM condemns Iranian ‘support’ for Yemen rebels -- AFP
Iran says could cooperate with Saudi to solve Yemen crisis -- Reuters
Iran Denies Sending Arms to Rebels in Yemen -- VOA
Yemen FM calls for Arab ground intervention -- Al Arabiya
Yemen Receives 'Yes' Response to Request on Sending Ground Troops - FM -- Sputnik
Yemen minister calls for Arab ground push 'as soon as possible' -- Reuters
Pakistan may join Saudi military coalition in Yemen -- Deutsche Welle
Pakistan officials arrive in Saudi to assess Yemen mission -- Washington Post/AP
Pakistan Leaders Head to Saudi Arabia to Discuss Yemen Fight -- Bloomberg
Coalition stopping Red Cross delivering medical aid in Yemen: spokeswoman -- Reuters
Yemen's strategic importance to the Middle East -- CNN
Global perspectives on Yemen: Overview -- Euronews

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