Thursday, April 30, 2015

These Are The 5 Major Syrian Military Goals In The Civil War

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Christopher Kozak, Business Insider/Institute For The Study Of War: These are the Assad's regime's 5 biggest military goals in the Syrian Civil War

The following is the second excerpt of the upcoming report from the Institute for the Study of War titled “An Army in All Corners — Assad’s Campaign Strategy in Syria.”

The April 27th excerpt focused on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s goal to “preserve his rule in a post-war Syria through a negotiated ‘political solution.’”

Written by ISW Syria Analyst Christopher Kozak, this study examines Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s strategy of maintaining armed outposts throughout the country to frame his claim to a united and contiguous post-war Syrian state.

WNU Editor: A must read analysis on the Syrian conflict.


mlacix said...

It's suprised me to see this many posts about Syria just in a single day. But this one is far the best. SW summerised very well what the situation and the general strategy in Syria. The final version of this report will be a big must read, I just can't wait to read it.

About the other article related to the collaps of SAA. Even if it's going to happen, it's not gonna be like in Iraq. I do not expect a collaps any soon, but if there will be one, it's more likely tak 6-10 month to finish off the "collapsed" army. The soldiers of SAA are fighting for their own land. They eighter fight or let themself and their families murder. Such cases hardern the soldiers to fight till the very last. For them it's not matter that Assad is a dictator or not, if with them they have a chance to live. At Shughul area the battle is not yet over, SAA striked back.

I also not realy see high value of the rebel military parade video from the other artice. It's just the look that matter for tham, but being trained not seen on your uniform.

War News Updates Editor said...

I have neglected Syria for too long Mlacix. But it looks like for this summer the Syrian war is going to enter a new and bloody phase.