Saturday, May 30, 2015

As Syria Burns The Country's 'Elites' Continue To Enjoy Life

Vocativ: Syria’s Elites Find Time For Fun As Country Burns

The ruling minority sect has tried to shield itself from the death and violence other Syrians have been enduring for years.

From their Instagram feeds they appear to be just like other young people enjoying the summer time: backflipping into water, chilling at a pool bar, basking in a sundrenched meadow. But the photos belong to a group of Syrians who have maintained their privileged lives, despite the war ravaging their country.

They’re Alawites, the country’s minority sect and its elite. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and many in his ruling government belong to the group, which comes from a strand of Shiite Islam. They dwell in Tartous and Latakia, perched on the Meditteranean on the Syrian coast, where there are few scenes of war or famine or retribution from the Assad regime to haunt them. Still, some insist the war is never far away. Vocativ found their photos through geo-located Instagram images.

WNU Editor: Recent reports are giving the impression the Syrian government is starting to lose this war .... if true .... these "good times" are probably going to come to an end for Syria's privileged few .... and probably sooner rather than later.


James said...

Palace of Versailles circa 1788.

War News Updates Editor said...

LOL .... so true.