Friday, May 29, 2015

Calm Before The Storm As The Islamic State Prepares To Defend Ramadi Against An Iraqi Government Assault

Shi'ite paramilitaries riding military vehicles travel from Lake Tharthar toward Ramadi to fight against Islamic state militants, west of Samarra, Iraq May 27, 2015. Reuters/Stringer

Reuters: Islamic State settles into Ramadi, but the lull unlikely to last

The blind man with just one hand arrived at the main mosque in the centre of the Iraqi city of Ramadi at dusk on Wednesday, flanked by Islamic State fighters.

When the evening prayer was over, the man, whose head was shrouded in black, delivered a speech to the faithful, hailing the Islamic State's capture of the capital of Anbar Province - its greatest victory over Iraqi forces in almost a year.

Ali Attiya al-Jubouri, widely known as "the blind judge", is one of Islamic State's most senior figures and his presence in the mosque signalled the group's dominance over the city, which it seized on May 17 from hapless government forces.

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James said...

Is this a military column or a New Jersey highway repair crew?

James said...

Back to seriousness or Syria. As stated before Assad/Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran are approaching if not there already the moment of major geo/political decisions. Iran's grand play for dominance in the Middle East is at the brink of collapse. The cutting of land communications between Iran and Syria/Hezbollah is taking it's toll. For Iran, Assad cannot fall, therefore look for several probable moves on Iran's part. Though stretched thin now, a much greater Hezbollah participation in Syria with the use of their hoard of rockets tactical and strategic against ISIS. The public entry of Iranian regulars into Iraq. They would have a two fold mission, the prevention of the fall of Baghdad, Qum, Karbala, and Basra. If this is accomplished then west to Syria and the relief of Assad and Hezbollah. A good indicator of this coming would be Iran setting up political cover such as treaties, pacts, etc with Iraq and Syria. Would Assad agree? At this point he have little choice. Again, the elephant in the room, what will if anything, Israel do?

The future:
If Saudi Arabia falls;
1) To Isis, the going off line of their and the Gulf States crude production.
2) To Iran, an even larger percentage of crude production under control of a demonstrably anti-west government with the military presence to back their threat.
3) Western military intervention into the Persian gulf and Red Sea? Almost a certainty. Successful, who knows.
4) And then what would be Russia's and Chin's reactions?
5) If Isis takes the peninsula with Mecca and Medinah, the influx of foreign volunteers would make what we see now laughable.

War News Updates Editor said...

I do this blog because I enjoy learning what I read .... to gain a small understanding on what is happening around the world.

The bonus is the humor of my readers, and their insights on what they think is happening around the world.

James .... your two comments illustrate this point perfectly.

James said...

Thankyou WNU, I hadn't realized you had prior experience in law enforcement as this video illustrates. Being multilingual does come in handy for you.

War News Updates Editor said...

James .... don't laugh .... but I am .... or should I say was .... a professional accordionist.

James said...

OK, let me get this mental image correct now. Back in the 80's in a chinese province a mid level Russian FSO arrives to negotiate trade agreements. He appears at the first meeting dressed in shorts, socks, and carrying an accordion. Details of the agreement were swiftly hammered out by his monkey and the year of the Celestial Polka began (which the Chinese have never quite recovered). No I will not laugh, but James will lie down now.

War News Updates Editor said...

Do not forget golf James.

Speaking of golf. I think the Russian - Texas Cultural Foundation should have its annual meeting at Pebble Beach each year .... paid for by our gracious and generous sponsors.

James said...

" paid for by our gracious and generous sponsors" or else.