Saturday, May 30, 2015

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili Appointed Governor Of The Ukraine Region Of Odessa

CNN: Ukraine gives former Georgian president citizenship, governor's job

Kiev, Ukraine (CNN)Ukraine's leader has given former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship and appointed him governor of the country's southwestern Odessa province, in a move that may needle Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Photographs posted on President Petro Poroshenko's official website showed the pair smiling as he welcomed Saakashvili to the role in Odessa on Saturday.

Presidential spokesman Svyatoslav Tsegolko told CNN that Poroshenko had suggested that the Cabinet nominate Saakashvili as Odessa governor. Governors are nominated by the Cabinet and appointed by the President in Ukraine.

WNU Editor: This appointment reminds me of a quote from American writer Ray Bradury .... "The gargoyles have taking over the cathedral".

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Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

Is it just me, or has actions and events in the West, since 9/11 become surreal?

oldfatslow said...

Just about to ask the same
question, Jay Farquharson.


War News Updates Editor said...

Beyond surreal Jay. I am playing host to some friends from China right now .... one is the CFO of Minmetals and the other is a retired diplomat. Over dinner we talked international relations, and they have never seen the situation as it is right now.

B.Poster said...

Russia and China are the world's most powerful countries militarily. The US lags far behind these powers. Furthermore the US will be facing the loss of the US dollar as world reserve currency sooner rather than later. This will further erode American power and the gap between the US and Russia and China will likely only grow wider than it is now.

It would seem a good place to start for the US, western European nations, eastern European nations, former Soviet Bloc countries, and nations in the Pacific would be to recognize the stronger positions of Russia and China and to act accordingly. This does not necessarily mean that one immediately and blindly does whatever they tell them to do but it will require a certain amount of tact.

Some time ago, WNU had linked to Taiwan's plan to deal with China. Essentially I took away from this two main points. 1.)Make the invasion of your country hard enough that the stronger power, in this case Russia and China, will deem it to costly to do so. 2.)Seek to strengthen economic ties. (In the case of China, I don't think the "made in China" exploitation of the US applies. It needs to be something of value to both nations. Essentially provide them something of value that they would not want to risk the loss of it.)

If I'm right, the policies proposed are sound and, if I'm wrong, I think most would agree that "pivot" to Asia for the US, involvement in Ukraine by the US, and offering any support to the former Georgian leader by the US is a bad idea.

Perhaps off topic but a way we may be able to add value to Russia right now may be in the FIFA investigations. Soccer is not a big sport in America. There is and never would have been any possible way the US would ever get the World Cup even if it wanted it because in the US there simply is not enough interest for such an endeavor to be profitable. This is a big deal for Russia. Perhaps the US could make it clear that it will not support any position on this that denies Russia the 2018 World Cup and will vigorously oppose any actions that would undermine Russia in this regard. This may only be a small thing. But perhaps small steps such as this could be taken to solve much bigger challenges.

James said...

It would be a mistake to consider 9/11 the origination or pivot point of the surreality of current affairs.

Caecus said...


James said...

Boy has this guy got more lives than a cat?