Friday, May 29, 2015

Has Russia Abandoned Two Of Its Soldiers In Ukraine?

A man, according to Ukraine's state security service (SBU) is named Yevgeny Yerofeyev and is one of two Russian servicemen recently detained by Ukrainian forces, is examined by medics at a hospital in Kiev, Ukraine, May 28, 2015. Picture taken May 28, 2015. Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko

Reuters: Special Report: Russian fighters, caught in Ukraine, cast adrift by Moscow

From his hospital bed in the Ukrainian capital, Russian fighter Alexander Alexandrov feels abandoned by his country, its leaders and even the local Russian consul.

Alexandrov, 28, says he's a Russian soldier who was captured in east Ukraine after being sent there on active duty with Russian special forces to help separatists fighting Kiev. He said he was serving on a three-year contract. "I never tore it up, I wrote no resignation request," he said. "I was carrying out my orders."

Yet Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the face of widespread evidence to the contrary, has repeatedly said there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine – only volunteers who have gone to help the separatists of their own accord.

WNU Editor: Russia has a long history of having its operatives/spies/soldiers captured or killed in other countries .... but they have always gone to great lengths to get them back. When a Russian reconnaissance platoon was caught near Mariupol during the height of last years fighting in Ukraine .... I was not surprised to hear Moscow quickly claim these solders as their own, and they quickly got them back after a prisoner exchange. Flash forward to today .... everyone in both Russia and Ukraine know that Russian spies and some special forces are in Russia .... and the remarks from these captured soldiers that there are 200 Russian special forces in Ukraine confirms the information that I have been getting (and no, there are no 10,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine). But this is why this case is unique .... I do believe that these men are Russian special forces .... but a decision has been made to set them adrift .... the question that needs to be answered is why. My best answer .... a rogue operation .... but I am the first to admit that I am speculating here .... and I am probably wrong.


Vlad (not Putin) said...

WNU Editor,

let's stop pretending and call things with their names. Russian troops were not in Crimea neither... Russia is 100 % responsible for turmoil in Ukraine. And Putin is not any different from any Soviet dictator with his imperialistic ego...

Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

Russia is trying to get them released, but the Ukraine is not done "exploiting" them for the propaganda, yet.

War News Updates Editor said...

That makes sense Jay. Upon thinking about it .... I expect them to be released at some future date for some prisoners.

Vlad (not Putin) said...

Jay, Russia tried them to be released and now they are not active and on vacation like the other thousand dead Russian soldiers.

How about swat them for Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko ???

Unknown said...


Jay Farquharson said...


It takes two to make a trade. The Ukrainian Government isn't interested in trading them for anything right now, too much propaganda value to exploit, much better than 8 old passports as "proof",

And Nadiya Savchenko is too valuable to the "cause" as a jailed Martyr in Russia, so Ukraine will never trade for her.

Anonymous said...

Strange they tell do much. Must have been tirtured