Sunday, May 31, 2015

India Warns That The Islamic State Could Get A Nuclear Weapons From Pakistan

Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Are Not Safe: Former Foreign Minister -- DNA

The Independent: Isis could obtain nuclear weapon from Pakistan, warns India

Comments by Defence Minister Rao Inderjit Singh follow Isis's own 'far-fetched' claims it could obtain a Pakistani nuclear device via corrupt officials

India's defence minister has voiced concern that the radical Islamist group Isis could obtain a nuclear weapon from "states like Pakistan".

Rao Inderjit Singh made the comments on the sidelines of the Shangri-La regional security conference in Singapore, Bloomberg has reported.

"With the rise of Isis in West Asia, one is afraid to an extent that perhaps they might get access to a nuclear arsenal from states like Pakistan," Bloomberg quoted him as saying.

Earlier in the month Isis suggested it could attempt to buy its first nuclear weapon within a year and that it might come from Pakistan.

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WNU Editor: It will be hell for Pakistan if such a transfer takes place.

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phill said...


Pakistan's guessed America's response to the Osama bin Laden's raid.

What do you think of they guessed wrong?

War News Updates Editor said...

Corruption is endemic in this part of the world. And while I believe that safeguards are in place when it comes to nuclear weapons in this part of the world .... you just never know.

James said...

Can't lay this one solely at the feet of the current administration. This has going on for a long time and the US's involvement and non involvement is unedifying to say the least. This thing has been like a bloated rotten animal that's about split open and the results are gonna really stink.

Mnews India said...

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