Saturday, May 30, 2015

Life On The Front Lines In Ukraine

BBC: Ukraine's stubborn frontline civilians defy bombardment

It was a perfect afternoon in early summer.

Somebody had placed a garland of fresh flowers on the rusting wreckage of a tank. Men died here and were remembered. Although the fields were empty it was possible to imagine them filled with workers harvesting the sunflower crop.

This was the lull, the space between bombardments when the land reminded us of its true purpose: not a battlefield but a place of abundance.

I remarked to a colleague that the calm was our greatest enemy here. It lulled us into a false sense of ease.

And then it started. I heard shouts of "Go, go, go" in English and Ukrainian.

WNU Editor: This video impacted me. Seeing the surroundings, the homes, the people, the countryside, the night sky .... sighhh .... it makes me homesick. Kudos to the BBC for posting this report that shows the suffering and struggles of the civilians who now find themselves living on the front lines.

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