Tuesday, June 30, 2015

British Government Posts A Map On Where It Believes The Next Terror Attack Will Occur

A map showing the risk threat of popular holiday destinations, as determined by Gov.uk. The high risk areas are those where there is a high level of known terrorist activity, as opposed to a general threat area where only some level of known terrorist activity is present

The Telegraph: Mapped: Terror threat around the world

See where around the world the Foreign Office believes a terror attack is most likely to happen

The theat of terrorism is rated "high" in more than 30 countries around the world, according to the Foreign Office, with summer holiday favourites such as Spain and France given the same rating as Libya, Pakistan and Somalia.

Other popular travel destinations to receive the Foreign Office's highest terror threat level include Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Australia and Belgium.

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WNU Editor:France and Spain are marked "High" !?!?!?! I understand Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt .... but France and Spain?


bn said...

Atocha? Charlie?

B.Poster said...

Agreed with Miguel.

War News Updates Editor said...

So true.

Daniel said...

Well, why not France and Spain? Not like they haven't had terror attacks before. Or domestic enthusiasts.

War News Updates Editor said...

I should have made it more clear when I said "So true" Daniel. Miguel LM is right .... I forgot about Atochi and Charlie Hebdo.