Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 30, 2015

Photo: Iraqi Gen. Babaker Zebari. Wikipedia

Al Jazeera: Iraq PM 'retires' army chief as security crisis deepens

General Babaker Zebari, who has been in the job for a decade, retires as PM Abbadi acknowledges military's failures.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi has "retired" the army's chief of staff, the most senior officer removed since rebel fighters overran large parts of the country last year, his spokesman has said.

General Babaker Zebari "has been retired" on Abbadi's orders, Saad al-Hadithi told the AFP news agency on Monday, without providing further details.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- June 30, 2015

Iraq PM 'Retires' Army Chief of Staff -- Defense News/AFP

Russian Defence Ministry wants entire fleet of anti-submarine Il-38 planes upgraded -- ITAR-TASS

Back on the Scene: Russia Brings Tanks Back in Fashion -- Sputnik

Hackers Leak Ukraine Military Documents Revealing Plan to Increase Spending On Armed Forces -- IBTimes

Israeli Navy Plans Major Upgrades to Entire Combat Surface Fleet -- Sputnik

Djiboutian Army Displays New Chinese Tank Destroyer -- Sputnik

Meet China’s New Submarine Hunter Plane -- The Diplomat

Amid Chinese Military Aggression, Russia Delivers Submarine To Vietnam For Defense Over South China Sea Dispute -- IBTimes

In Japan, a plan to expand military's powers faces growing resistance -- L.A. Times

Buy Super Hornets, abandon Victoria-class submarines, new Canadian report recommends -- Ottawa Citizen

Singapore debuts stealthy naval interceptor ahead of 50th anniversary parade -- IHS Jane's 360

Once a major continental force, South Africa's military at a crossroads -- CSM

Dassault's Deal With India Was Important -- Forbes

Almost one-third of Brits, Germans and French want EU army instead of NATO forces -- RT

US Lifts Hold On Military Aid To Bahrain -- Defense News/AFP

Bahrain to get more US arms as authorities keep cracking down on protestors -- RT

Air Force: Lost Predator was shot down in Syria -- Defense News

After Hack, Officials Pull Plug on Pentagon and OPM Background Check Systems -- NextGov

Court Revives Defunct NSA Mass Surveillance Program -- National Journal

US Navy Sees Broader Role for Joint High Speed Vessel -- DoD Buzz

New US Ghost Ship to Trace Russian, Chinese, Iranian Diesel-Electric Subs -- Sputnik

Why US Pentagon is worried about a space war in future -- Economic Times/New York Times

Former Green Beret war hero, investigated in killing, survives Army hearing with his benefits -- Washington Post

Pentagon Has No Idea How Many Transgender Troops It Kicked Out -- Nancy A. Youssef, Daily Beast

Surplus military Humvees heading to the highway? -- FOX News

Is the U.S. Military Ready for a Falklands War Scenario? -- Kenneth L. Privratsky, War On The Rocks

Military might is still important -- David A. Dietsch, Star-Telegram

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