Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why The Hypersonic Missile Race Between China And The U.S. Is Dangerous

Eleni G. Ekmektsioglou, National Interest: How Hypersonic Missiles Push America and China towards War

Hypersonic weapons can achieve speeds over five times faster than the speed of sound (Mach 5) and they are the latest version of precision guided munitions (PGM) that make up part of the larger family of long-range strike weapons systems.

In the United States, hypersonic weapons are pursued in the context of the conventional prompt global strike (CPGS) commonly defined by officials as a technology of “high-precision conventional weapons capable of striking a target anywhere in the world within one hour’s time.” Outside the United States, states such as China or Russia have been pursuing this promising technology in secrecy. Therefore, we have little information regarding the stage of development the Russians or Chinese have achieved.

WNU Editor: The Russians are now involved in this race also .... Russia’s Secret Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Yu-71 Can Breach Existing Missile Defense Systems: Experts (IBTimes).

Update: Hypersonic Missile Arm Race: US Walking a Tightrope in East Asian Region -- Sputnik

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