Sunday, August 30, 2015

Chinese And Israeli Weapons Are Fueling The Conflict In South Sudan

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Quartz: China’s largest weapons manufacturer is allegedly selling arms to South Sudan—again

China’s biggest arms manufacturer has been selling weapons to South Sudan’s government, whose military has been accused of a “scorched earth” campaign of razing entire villages, burning people alive, and raping children.

According to a United Nations report released this week, the state-owned China North Industries, better known as Norinco, sold the South Sudan government $20 million worth of missiles, guided missile launchers, grenade launchers, almost 10,000 automatic rifles, and 24 million rounds of ammunition last year. China promised last year to halt all arms sales to South Sudan after it was discovered to have sold $38 million of small arms and lights weapons to the government. So far, Chinese officials have not responded to the report.

Update #1: UN Report: China Sold $20 Million in Arms and Ammunition to South Sudan -- The Diplomat
Update #2: South Sudan army using Israeli weapons in civil war, UN says -- Times of Israel

WNU Editor: It is not the money that is important to these two countries .... what is important to them is (1) for the Chinese they are providing assistance to an ally, and (2) for Israel it is to provide assistance to a country that is in conflict with Sudan .... a country that is a sworn enemy of Israel.

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