Monday, August 31, 2015

Defense Sec. Carter Warns Special Forces 'No More Leaks'

Kevin Baron, Defense One: As New Book Arrives, Pentagon Warns Special Operators Against Leaks

Defense secretary, SOCOM remind troops to keep secrets as new details of bin Laden raid and other missions emerge.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Defense Secretary Ash Carter warned the U.S. military’s special operators that classified leaks were not theirs to share, four days ahead of the public release of a new book that reveals secret information about recent missions in the war on terrorism.

Carter’s remarks are the latest in a string of warnings from top national security leaders cautioning troops and intelligence workers not to divulge national security secrets and classified information.

“Obviously, it’s not up to any individual who is entrusted with national security secrets to disclose them,” Carter said Friday, when he was asked about the book, “and especially when it would affect the ability to protect our people and our country, our compromised secrets.”

WNU Editor: In the past .... such warnings were always respected. But in today's world where top Generals and Defense Secretaries publish books and leaks are a regular occurrence done to justify government policy .... these warnings carry less weight.

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