Monday, August 31, 2015

Grenade Thrown At Police During Riot Outside Ukraine parliament

Daily Mail: Policeman dies and ninety are injured after grenade explodes outside Ukraine parliament leaving 'pools of blood' as riot police clash with protesters

* Grenade was reportedly launched from a crowd of demonstrators in Kiev
* Dozens of police officers and members of the national guard left injured
* Tear gas used in clash over plans to give special status to separatist areas
* More than 30 have since been arrested amid reports of 'several explosions'

A policeman has died and 90 people have been injured after a grenade was thrown from a crowd of protesters in Kiev this morning.

The blast, outside the city's parliament buildings, knocked officers off their feet and witnesses reported seeing pools of blood on the ground near some of the wounded.

About 90 police and members of the Ukrainian national guard have been injured - four severely - in clashes over a draft law to give special status to separatist regions.

WNU Editor: Ukrainian nationalists are furious. Expect more protests in the future. I feel for these parliamentarians .... they want to find a way to end the war .... but I cannot help but feel that what the parliament is trying to do is too little and too late and there are too many within the government of Ukrainian President Poroshenko itself who prefer a military solution over a diplomatic one in the current crisis.

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