Saturday, August 29, 2015

Russia, Germany, And France Seek A New Ceasefire In Ukraine

Reuters: Hollande, Merkel, Putin back bid for new Ukraine ceasefire

The leaders of France, Germany and Russia backed a new ceasefire in eastern Ukraine in a three-way phone call on Saturday, but offered contrasting views of why February's peace deal is in trouble.

Daily clashes between the two forces killing civilians, Ukrainian soldiers and separatists, have undermined the deal struck in the Belarus capital Minsk. Both sides have blamed the other for the violations.

In separate statements, France's Francois Hollande and Germany's Angela Merkel said the three leaders backed efforts to reinstate an effective ceasefire, while a statement

by Russia's President Vladimir Putin blamed Kiev for failing to implement key terms of the peace deal.

Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists agreed on Aug. 26 to strive for an end to all truce violations from next Tuesday, the OSCE and rebel representatives have said.

WNU editor: This German-Russian-French effort is going to fail. The people who need to talk are the Ukrainians themselves .... the central Ukraine government needs to re-engage with the separatist east, and the Russian rebels will need to compromise and accept the fact that they will be apart of Ukraine and not independent and/or a part of Russia. Unfortunately .... with the current leaders in place .... I just do not see that happening.

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B.Poster said...

I've long suggested here and elsewhere the US could do its part by doing the following. 1.)Announce clearly and forcefully that Ukraine will NEVER be a part of NATO and if it is admitted to NATO the US will withdraw IMMEDIATELY. 2.)The US opposes entry of Ukraine into the EU. Should the EU admit Ukraine its member nations will lose all support of the United States. 3.)The US opposes sanctions of Russia and will vigorously oppose them with all of its strength and energy and any attempt to sanction Russia over Ukraine will bring the full wrath of the US government, for what that is actually worth, on ANYONE or ANY nation who would attempt to sanction Russia over Ukraine. These would be great starting points that I've long held.

I'd also add that the US government should announce forcefully that attacks by the Ukrainian government or its military on members of the separatist east and Russian rebels will be viewed as attacks on the United States and its citizens and the United States will respond with everything in its military arsenal to protect these people. This should be followed up with action as necessary. While the Russian government or its military likely do not need our assistance nor would they request it or expect it, I think such an action would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way towards reducing tensions between us and Russia. (I remember how I felt when certain nations agreed to help us as they could during Operation Iraqi Freedom as an American. They took enormous risks to do so. We would not even be taking any risks and we'd have huge upside potential!!)

While the Ukrainian government is clearly not the angels some may have thought, it is unclear if it evil personified as the Russian media machine would have us believe. In any event, it seems clear we did not understand fully who we were supporting when this started and it seems clear the Ukrainian government is NOT worth risking the survival of the United State in order to fight arguably the world's most powerful country.

If we make the appropriate changes to our policy, will Russia also tell the rebels they will not be a part of Russia or independent from Ukraine? Will they back this up with action? I think this is a problem for the Ukrainian government to worry about. If Russia wants these territories it will likely have them and if these people and the Russians are in agreement that they will be independent or part of Russia this is what will likely happen as there seems little they, the Western Europeans, or America can do to prevent this.

Are the policy prescriptions proposed ethical? Perhaps not. It does seem even if we somehow "win" Ukraine becomes closer to the EU who is a de facto adversary of America and if they join NATO this is even worse as we now have even more defense responsibilities we are unable to honor!! As such, support for the Ukrainian government offers us no strategic benefits and carries huge downside risks. From a strictly strategic perspective, changing this policy would seem to be experiential common sense.

Anonymous said...

Your point of view lacks cogency, logic or a fair descrption of the facts in the region. You do this fluidly and with the arrogance of a Putin Troll. Your words are meant to confuse. But your attempt is way to superficial for most thinkers.

probus said...

War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you for the link Probus, but I covered this story early in the week.

Unknown said...

that story has now proven to be fake report about russian casualty figures