Thursday, September 24, 2015

EU Migration Crisis -- September 24, 2015

Daily Mail: Europe's 'greatest tide of migrants is yet to come' and it is time to close the 'open doors and windows' says European Council president

* Leaders agreed to spend £730m to help refugees at camps near their home countries in bid to stem flow into Europe
* Border controls will also be tightened and more experts sent in to screen migrants at hotspots in Greece and Italy
* But immediately after marathon summit, EU Council President Donald Tusk warned crisis risked destroying the EU
* A record 10,046 migrants entered Hungary yesterday, mostly via Croatia, after Budapest sealed border with Serbia

European leaders have completed emergency talks on the refugee crisis – but immediately faced warnings that the 'greatest tide of migrants is yet to come'.

They have agreed to tighten border controls and spend billions on helping refugees following marathon talks.

But after the seven-hour-long meeting, one of the EU's most senior officials warned the crisis risked destroying the union and said the policy of 'open doors and windows' must be closed.

EU Council President Donald Tusk added: 'The measures we have agreed today will not end the crisis. But they are all necessary steps in the right direction.'

WNU Editor: It appears that the EU President is now fully aware on how big this crisis is going to be in the future .... that millions of migrants and refugees will be making their way to Europe in the very near future. But for the moment .... Angela Merkel believes otherwise .... German leader says benefits of migration greater than risks, urges 'fair' EU distribution (FOX News/AP). What I would say to Angela Merkel is that if the "benefits are this great" .... she should then accept all of these refugees and stop trying to dump them on other countries who do not want them. She definitely gives a new meaning to the old saying .... "Do what I say, not what I do".

EU Migration Crisis -- September 24, 2015

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mlacix said...

Hungary is about to finish the fences along it's border with Croatia, the border crossings being reinforced, to local crossing will get a few houndred policemen reinforcement, but also military tents just start to grow in the area. The possibility of set up a similar fence along the Slovenian border is also on the table, but the constructions not started yet. In the case if the borders being closed Slovenian-Croatian border will be a huge tension point.