Sunday, September 20, 2015

Is Donald Trump Meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin In New York City This Month?

People: Donald Trump Will Likely Meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in New York City This Month

There's a "better than likely" chance that Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he comes to the United States later this month, according to his executive vice president and special counsel Michael Cohen.

Cohen said during an interview on radio program The Sean Hannity Show that the meet-up will occur while Putin is in New York City for the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations on Sept. 27.

WNU Editor: I for one would be very surprise if they do meet. Donald Trump is not on the radar screen (yet) in Russia, but if they do meet it will be Putin's way of tweaking the U.S. political scene. What I do expect is a Putin - Obama meeting, and they will be discussing Ukraine .... but more specifically .... Syria.


Unknown said...

President Obama will not meet putin nor will putin meet with obama, I don't know what planet you been on but putin called obama a (monkey), recently obama said he would not meet with putin same as he did with Benjamin Netanyahu.. Face it our president is absolutely horrible with relations

RRH said...

Putin can hardly be expected to take this fake and baked tupee seriously. Though he's one rung above Canada's Stephen Harper or Jason Kenney. They make Obama look like Bismark.