Sunday, September 20, 2015

Russia`s Military Is Increasingly Becoming Worried On U.S. Advances In Hypersonic Weapons

X-51 Waverider. U.S. Air Force photo

Robert Beckhusen, War Is Boring: America’s Far-Off Hypersonic Weapons Freak Out Russia

High-tech missile plans keep Kremlin officials awake at night.

In a near-future war, 1,000 missiles scream toward Russia at Mach 20. Each one a pinpoint strike hitting the Kremlin’s nuclear missiles, military radars, submarine bases — you name it.

Within minutes, 80 percent of Russia’s nuclear arsenal is destroyed without the United States launching a single nuclear weapon of its own. Russia’s military networks are blind, the nation’s ability to strike back eliminated or severely degraded.

The incoming missiles were no ordinary weapons, but hypersonic glide vehicles developed largely in secret under the U.S. Prompt Global Strike program. They travel so fast, shooting them down is effectively impossible.

WNU Editor: If the technology can be made to work .... the Russians (and Chinese) have every reason to be worried. But this technology is not working .... or more to the point .... still far away from being perfected. Until then .... talk about hypersonic weapons is just that .... talk.

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