Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why The Fall Of The Afghan City Of Kunduz To Taliban Forces Is A Big Deal

Jethro Mullen, CNN: Why the Taliban takeover of Kunduz is a big deal

(CNN)The loss of the major city of Kunduz to the Taliban is a stunning reversal for the Afghan government, deepening worries about the ability of its security forces to take the fight to the Islamic militants.

Afghan officials vowed to quickly drive the Taliban back out again from the northern provincial capital where the insurgents freed hundreds of inmates from a prison and raised their white flag at points around town.

On Tuesday, the Interior Ministry reported some areas had already been reclaimed and promised "a big military operation" to come. The United States also appeared to join the fray, carrying out an airstrike in Kunduz province.

As the world watches, the embattled Afghan government can't afford to let the Taliban hang on to a key population center.

Here are the main reasons why the fall of Kunduz is a big deal:

WNU Editor: CNN's Jethro Mullen does make the case on why the fall of Kunduz is significant. What is also disturbing about this city capture is that the Afghan security forces apparently outnumbered the Taliban 7:1 .... but were defeated anyway. For more on this disaster, the following AFP is a must read .... 'Disaster' in Kunduz: the resurgence of the Taliban (AFP).

Update: The Taliban offensive continues .... Taliban claims it seized 2 districts in Takhar province (Threat Matrix).

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