Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Will The UK Military Mutiny If Jeremy Corbyn Becomes British Prime Minister?

Daily Mail: 'We won't stand for it': Army top brass warn there will be a MUTINY if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister

* Serving general predicts mass resignations if Labour wins the next election
* He said the arm would be forced to take 'direct action' against Mr Corbyn
* Labour leader has publicly called for abolition of armed forces and Trident
* However, he faces a shadow cabinet rebellion over his radical proposals

Military top brass will 'not stand for' Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister and could 'mutiny' if he does, a serving general has warned.

Labour's new shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn this morning insisted the party would not endanger national security by pulling out of Nato or voting to scrap Britain's nuclear deterrent – despite Mr Corbyn's hard-left opposition.

However, military chiefs have warned that they would be prepared to take 'direct action' to stop Mr Corbyn if he sees off Labour rebels and makes it into Number 10 in 2020.

WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction .... this General is not going to be promoted in the future.

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RRH said...

There should be a purge of the UK military's officer corps. It just goes to show how a certain ideology has become way out of hand in western countries. I could see the same rubbish coming out of some of Canada's top brass too. Especially if a government moved to pull us out of NATO and NORAD.

They' d flip.