Friday, October 30, 2015

Diplomats Claim Progress In Syrian Peace Talks

BBC: Syria conflict: 'Progress made' in Vienna talks

World leaders say progress has been made in talks to resolve Syria's civil war after "historic" talks in Vienna, but they continue to differ on the fate of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Vienna talks involved Iran, Syria's ally, for the first time.

Federica Mogherini, the EU's human rights chief, said there were grounds to start a UN-led peace process.

The talks comes as activists say a Syrian government attack on a Damascus suburb left at least 57 people dead.

WNU editor: The diplomats talk of progress .... but the people who are fighting on the ground have a different point of view .... Syria opposition, rebel dismiss Iran idea for transition (Reuters).

Update: This says it all .... There’s one group missing from the talks to end the Syrian civil war: Syrians (Ben Norton (Salon).

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Bob Huntley said...

The war isn't over and they are discussing how the spoils will be divided.

James said...

"The war isn't over and they are discussing how the spoils will be divided." or the bodies cold. I would guess Assad's history, they're just negotiating how he'll survive his own funeral. The question will be, what does Russia and by extension Iran get?
As it sits now with the major players:
ISIS undefeated and not overtly beholding to anyone.
Russia, Iran, and Syria have stopped (at least for the moment) rebel momentum, but show no real offensive capability.
Kurdish forces supplied by US have some ability, but are too reliant on the US and can be sold out.
Quasi-moderate rebels in a bad position badly need patronage.

Out look: multiple mid range offensives by ISIS. Relative inaction by all other parties with their eyes on Vienna.

James said...

Oh yes, these talks are always "historic".

Unknown said...

How many brownie points, commendations, etc does Kerry get for attending this set of historic talks?

James said...

"How many brownie points, commendations, etc does Kerry get for attending this set of historic talks?" That is not for us mere mortals to divine!

James said...

The Administration was foolish enough to make two public pronouncements that have hurt them badly. One, the red line statement and two the Assad must go statement. Since then the Russians have made the US look silly in public. In the this Administration's mind they probably feel the only way they can recoup all of this by getting Assad to step down, allowing them to say they were right all along. Unfortunately this delivers them into the Russians hands. So behind the scenes it's a discussion of "how much for an ophthalmologist's head?". Now of course Assad still has a vote in all of this, a weak one, but one none the less. If of course he's aware of his predicament.

RRH said...

'Responding to statements made earlier by the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, Minister al-Zoubi said on Thursday that al-Jubeir, “who has no clue how diplomacy and politics work, should keep his mouth closed and keep his country out of a matter that is none of its business.”'

Couldn't have said it better myself. If the Saudis think they're getting away with anything (especially carousing refugee camps for Syrian women) they are in for a richly deserved and hideous shock.