Saturday, October 31, 2015

Is This How America Conducts Its Political Debates?

Polticio: Reince Priebus and the debate season from hell

How the Republican National Committee got stuck between angry GOP campaigns and hungry TV networks.

Halfway through Wednesday’s off-the-rails CNBC debate, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus realized he was witnessing a chain-reaction wreck. By the time it ended, he knew it was headed straight for him.

Priebus has always been keenly aware that the Republican Party has become increasingly vulnerable to outside forces, starting with the unexpected emergence this year of uncontrollable to-hell-with-the-establishment candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. But outrage over the third GOP debate, during which the candidates and grassroots conservatives attacked the media with a lusty vengeance, posed a new threat – and Priebus has been fighting ferociously to maintain control of a process he believes is central to reviving the party’s battered brand and preserving the RNC’s relevance.

Update #1: Republican Party kicks NBC News out of sponsoring February debate -- Reuters
Update: Republicans suspend February NBC debate: Here's why (Fortune)

WNU Editor: I an not an American citizen, so I have no "skin" in next year's U.S. elections, let alone what may happen in the Republican primary. But I am an outside observer, and while I only watched the CNBC Republican primary debate two days later (see above video) .... I will admit the following .... I have seen bias in the media before, but in this debate it was on full display for everyone to see. Reince Priebus's responsibility is too make sure that this does not happen ... but it has, and it is not the first time this has happened (albeit never so blunt as this week). If I was a Republican.... I would definitely not be happy and I would be demanding changes in the leadership of the RNC, specifically  selecting someone who would be more interested in accommodating the supporters of the party and its candidates, and not the main stream media. After-all .... the Democrats have shown that it can be done, and without any damage to their party or its candidates.

On a personal note .... I do not understand why the Republican Party continues to place itself in a position where the debate moderator is not neutral ... but is in fact usually an advocate for the other party. More to the point ... why show up when you cannot even debate or explain your ideas/proposals/vision, but in fact you are used to make the case for the other party. This is how you lose elections, if you continue to associate with news organizations that are always hostile to your viewpoint/agenda .... you place yourself in a position where they can define you, build you up, and when appropriate .... destroy you. But after this week's debate I sense that there is a change in the air .... and a growing realization that showing up in these media rigged debates (which are no longer debates) is usually more detrimental to your cause than supportive.

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