Saturday, October 31, 2015

Russian Passenger Jet Has Crashed In The Sinai -- News Updates

Daily Mail: No survivors on Russian jet that crashed in Egypt with 224 on board as rescuers find children's bodies strapped to their seats

* The aircraft was reported missing 23 minutes after leaving the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh with 224 on board
* The doomed jet was owned by an Irish company and leased to a Russian airline carrying tourists to St Petersburg
* Egyptian air crash investigators said the pilot had warned of a 'technical problem' shortly before the disaster
* The jet was plunging at more than 6,000 feet per minute as the pilot tried to land at el-Arish airport in northern Egypt

Egyptian security forces confirmed there have been no survivors despite 'hearing voices' inside the wrecked fuselage of a Russian passenger jet which crashed into the Sinai desert in northern Egypt as the bodies of 100 victims have been recovered.

The aircraft, which had 200 adult passengers, 17 children and seven crew crashed less than 25 minutes after it took off from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. The bodies of all 17 children on board have been recovered.

The Irish-owned aircraft was leased by a Russian airline. It crashed in the Hassana area, south of Arish. Security forces discovered the crash wreckage in a remote mountainous area in a region containing many ISIS-affiliated terrorists.

WNU Editor: Egypt is the number one tourist destination for Russians. It is cheap, warm, and it has the sights. Was this caused airliner crash a terrorist attack .... early indications are no, but considering what us happening in the Middle East right now, anything is possible.

Update: Apparently the black boxes have already been found .... Black boxes found at Russian plane crash site in Sinai — media (TASS)

Russian Passenger Jet Has Crashed In The Sinai -- News Updates

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