Saturday, October 10, 2015

Russian Pilots In Syria Are Arming Themselves With The Expectation That They Will Be Shot Down

Business Insider: 'Only a matter of time': Russian pilots are boarding helicopters in Syria with AK-74s

Russian pilots manning combat helicopters in Syria can be seen in videos carrying AK-74 assault rifles with them into the cockpit, likely as a precaution in the event they get shot down by rebels.

That the pilots are equipped with AK-74's — a refined version of the AK-47 — means that Moscow is at least aware of the risky nature of its intervention in the Syrian civil war on behalf of President Bashar Assad.

Russian fighter jets have been targeting rebel groups in Syria with air strikes since last week, and yesterday began a Russian-backed air-ground offensive against opposition forces fighting the regime between Hama and Idlib.

WNU Editor: It is only a matter of time.


B.Poster said...

Agreed. It's only a matter of time. I'm pretty sure US crews are similarly armed with American versions of these weapons. At Least I hope so. It's hard to imagine anyone going into this type of battle without making sure they carry weapons for if/when they are shot down.

Bob Huntley said...

Even to use it on yourself rather than be captured and beheaded for show.