Saturday, October 31, 2015

This Weeks Budget Agreement In Washington Funds The Pentagon's Budget And Needs For Two Years


Defense One: Budget Deal Is A Big Win for Pentagon

Even though it’s only a two-year agreement, the budget deal passed by Congress and the White House will get the Pentagon past the worst of the spending caps.

The Pentagon has weathered the worst of the defense spending caps that military leaders have called a thorn in their side since 2013.

The bipartisan budget deal struck by Congress — the Senate passed the measure early Friday morning, matching the House’s action earlier this week — gives the Defense Department big-time relief immediately, raising the 2016 spending cap by $33 billion and the 2017 cap by $23 billion. That allows the Pentagon to get a total of $607 billion in 2016 and $610 billion in 2017, according to budget experts and investment analysts.

“This is significant. This is a turnaround for defense,” said Todd Harrison, a budget analyst with the Center for Strategic and International studies. “This would mark the end of the drawdown.”

WNU Editor: I am still trying to digest the $600 billion budget number. But here is an easy prediction .... within a month or two they (i.e. the Pentagon) will start raising worries and concerns that they need more.


Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

The $610 billion number isn't a "real" number.

The Current War Costs reside in the "Special Allocations",

The Nukes reside in the DOE Budget,

A bunch of the "Covert Military Ops" costs reside in the DOS and Alphabet Agencies Budgets,

And the past costs and interest payments on past wars are carried by the VA, DOC and State and Federal Welfare Programs.

War News Updates Editor said...

Thanks for the reminder Jay. But we both know that the budget is closer to one trillion.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

Wow that is Chip I only have to pay $19.000 thousand dollars to the ( D of D ) this year so they can afford to kill people.