Sunday, November 29, 2015

Russia Intensifies Bombing Campaign In Northern Syria

Reuters: Russian air strikes kill at least 30 in stepped up raids in northwest Syria

Air strikes believed to have been carried out by Russian jets killed at least 30 people in the town of Ariha in northwestern Syria on Sunday, rescue workers in the rebel-held area said, part of an escalation of Russian strikes near the Turkish border.

In separate air strikes closer to the frontier with Turkey, jets believed to be Russian hit a truck depot that was also struck on Thursday, destroying 10 trailers and killing five people, a rebel in the area said.

Officials at the Russian defense ministry could not immediately be reached for comment. Syrians in rebel-held areas of northwestern Syria near the Turkish frontier have reported intensified air strikes in the days since Turkey downed a Russian warplane near the border.

More News On Russia's Bombing Campaign In Northern Syria

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RRH said...

I know others have brought this up in this forum, but since shooting down the SU 24 it would be difficult put anything past our ally, the Sultan; including closing-- or attempting to close-- the Bosphorus to Russia

RRH said...
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RRH said...

Been seeing reports of more Turkish armour (Leopard 2A4) etc. moving to the border with Syria.