Monday, November 30, 2015

Russian Pilots in Syria Are Now 'Armed To The Teeth'

A Russian pilot shows off his hidden weapons and bullets at Khmeimim air force base in Latakia, Syria

Daily Mail: Armed to the teeth: Russian air force gives its pilots pistols and Kalashnikovs in case any more are shot down by Turks amid rising tensions

* Russian pilots have been given handguns and AK-47s to defend themselves
* New measures come after the death of Russian pilot Lt-Col Oleg Peshkov
* Kalashnikovs will be hidden in their seats which eject with them

Russia is issuing its warplane pilots on missions over Syria with pistols and Kalashnikov machine guns in case they are forced to eject and defend themselves on the ground.
This comes as images emerged of the Kremlin's most advanced missile defence system - the S-400 - deployed to protect its air force pilots in the war-ravaged country.
Russia has threatened to use the S-400's devastating firepower to defend its air strikes in Syria, which the West claims are targeted at moderate opponents of the Assad regime as well as ISIS jihadist terrorists.

WNU Editor: These Russian pilots were already "armed to the teeth" .... Russian Pilots In Syria Are Arming Themselves With The Expectation That They Will Be Shot Down


Anonymous said...

These Daily Mail posts....

War News Updates Editor said...

I know Stefan .... but they always have great pictures.

Stephen Davenport said...

Doesn't really matter what they are armed with. They are vulnerable after ejection, especially still in the parachute descending to the ground.It's luck tha the WO lived and the pilot died.