Thursday, December 31, 2015

Are China's Drones Based On Stolen US Blueprints?

CH-4 in flight. Sinodefense

Asia Times: China’s armed drones appear built from stolen data from US cyber intrusions

China’s vibrant military blogosphere presented a video this month revealing a missile-firing unmanned aerial vehicle in action, dropping bombs against ground targets.

The Caihong-4, or CH-4, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a testament to the remarkable success of China’s military in copying vital high-technology weapons that currently are considered among the most cutting edge arms systems used in modern combat operations for both ground strikes and intelligence-gathering.

WNU Editor: The above Chinese drone certainly looks like a Reaper.


Stephen said...

They are known for this type of thing, its why all their equipment looks like ours or Russia's. Basically they are thieves, they are good at copying others technology but are bankrupt with their own.

Anonymous said...

Israel also stole

Hermes 900 -

The format doesn't say anything. Content is the differential. Compare:

RQ-170 (US) -

Neuron (Europe) -

Sharp Sword (China) -

Unknown said...

Does anyone know where Bill Clinton was?

He did a good job giving away missile tech.