Thursday, December 31, 2015

China Preparing To Manufacture Its First Stealth Fighter (Ahead Of Schedule)

The Diplomat: China's First Stealth Fighter Is About to Enter Production

Chinese media reports suggest the J-20 is ready for production, ahead of schedule.

A report posted online by China’s Xinhua News Agency suggests that the J-20 – China’s fifth-generation stealth fighter jet – has entered the mass production stage. The evidence is a photograph of a J-20 on the tarmac, coated with yellow primer paint and bearing the serial number “2101.”

Previous versions of the J-20 have been numbered in the 2000s (with the first prototype labeled 2001 and the most recent 2017). The appearance of a number in the 2100s hints to China’s online military enthuasists that production has entered the production stage – although Xinhua cautions that the initial production run for the J-20 may be limited at first. In particular, unnamed experts cautioned that the software used in fifth-generation fighters will need additional testing, even if the body of the aircraft is finalized.

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Unknown said...

I don't know very much about stealth aircraft but if this plane is anything like all the other chineese made Walmart junk they will likely break and wear out after a few uses, it also looks like it's twice as big as the f-35 and bulky looking