Sunday, January 31, 2016

China Is Reorganizing Its Military To Close The Gap With U.S. Capabilities

Wyatt Olson, Stars and Stripes: ANALYSIS: China reorganizing military to close gap with US

China’s armed forces are undergoing a sweeping five-year reorganization aimed at creating central control over the military’s nearly autonomous branches and creating a more lethal fighting force to close the gap with U.S. capabilities, analysts say.

The restructuring is the most profound undertaken since the 1950s when Soviet advisers helped modernize the nation’s post-civil war military, changes that will likely challenge long-held assumptions by the Pentagon, according to David M. Finkelstein, director of the China Studies division of CNA, a Washington, D.C.,-based research center.

The reorganization, which officially launched Jan. 1, will fundamentally redefine the roles, missions and authorities among the services — particularly the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA — and the Central Military Command, Finkelstein wrote in a paper released Friday.

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WNU Editor: China will catch up to the U.S. military one day .... but I give it 20 - 25 more years.


Don Bacon said...

I wonder if China will have "combatant commands" spanning the world, like the US? Probably not. China is busy on its economic "combatant commands" which span the world, putting its people in places where there is infrastructure to be built and natural resources to be exploited.

fazman said...

Id tea7d that as china will surpass the
U.S military within 20 years.