Sunday, January 31, 2016

Is John Kerry About To Be Swept-Up In Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry looks at his phone as he leaves a meeting in Vienna on Friday. LEONHARD FOEGER / REUTERS /LANDOV

Daily Caller: State Dept. Records Show John Kerry Sent Hillary A ‘SECRET’ Email From His iPad

Emails released by the State Department on Friday show that in 2011, then-Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry sent then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton an email from his iPad that has been deemed to contain information classified as “Secret.”

While previous releases of Clinton’s emails have shown that she and her staff communicated directly with Kerry when he was a senator, the new email is the first from Kerry that the State Department has determined contains sensitive information.

Kerry has largely been silent throughout the Clinton email controversy. He has sent letters asking the State Department’s inspector general to review the agency’s records keeping practices, but he has not publicly criticized Clinton for exclusively using a personal email account and a home-brew email server.

Perhaps now we know why.

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WNU Editor: John Kerry did not have a private server (that we know so far) .... so his handling of  information (while still questionable) is not as serious as Hillary Clinton's. But this lack of sensitivity within the State Department on how communications should be handled is appalling. When I worked in the foreign office .... this type of handling would have gotten me fired and/or worst. It was always drummed in our heads that our communications were always being monitored and analysed, and that precautions and only secured networks were to be used .... a concept that appears to be foreign in the State Department .... starting with the people at the top. In the meantime .... even the New York Times (who has just endorsed Hillary Clinton to be the Democrat nominee for President) are having trouble explaining her email use .... 22 Clinton Emails Deemed Too Classified to Be Made Public (NYT).


Don Bacon said...

A lot (or all) of these emails were received by Clinton and later determined to be classified, even though they dealt with common knowledge about drone assassinations in Pakistan etc. Others have been sent to prison for the same sort of thing, for example Sterling who is in prison for information he handled (regarding how to dial a rotary phone) later considered to be classified. And Manning, sentenced to 35 years in prison. What harm have these people done to national security?

There is too much information classification, which some elements of government have recognized as harming operations.That needs to be addressed, because this is silly, to make a bog hoorah about information that is well-known and harmless, yet is later called Top Secret.

Anonymous said...

One does not get to pick and choose how one will deals with classified information. The non-disclosure statements Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Kerry signed are quite clear about handling such information. Personal arrogance doesn't trump the law.

hurhur said...

anon is correct. only a blind and deaf person could make such an error and not be at fault. perhaps kerry and clintok are?

James said...

hurhur, Anon,
"only a blind and deaf person could make such an error" that's description of those who defend them.