Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reporter: U.S. DOJ And FBI "SUPER PISSED OFF" At The White House Over Clinton Investigation

WNU Editor: Catherine Herridge sums it up bluntly in the above video clip. What's my take .... White Press Secretary Josh Earnest should not have told reporters on Friday that "officials at the FBI are saying that Hillary Clinton is not a target of the current investigation". ... especially when reporters who are following this case are being told otherwise by the same officials .... Halperin on Clinton Emails: My WH and FBI Sources Say ‘Something’s Going to Happen’ (Mediaite). Bottom line .... this is not good. And the fact that a number of Hillary Clinton's emails were classified yesterday by the US government as beyond top secret and not suitable for public release .... this does not bode well for her legally. On a side note .... this story is not only limited to the American press .... it is now starting to pick up traction in places like Russia and China.

Update: Someone just emailed me a good point .... Why is the White House in the middle of this investigation? Who is briefing them, and what are they telling President Obama?


Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

the White House is always in the middle of high level political investigations,

Long before Watergate, ABSCAM, Iran- Contra, Bidrig, Plunderdome, Tarnished Shield, etc.

As yet, the FBI has not confirmed that any of the classified documents, or document excerpts were classified, at the time that they were "entered" on the Clinton's servers.

A couple of years ago, based on an Emptywheel expose, I did a dig through old project files, and discovered I had over 100 " classified" documents, that I had bought through the GPO.

Who knew that a bronze alloy for a certain application shut off valve that was for 40 years, public knowledge, had been made " classified " in 2007?

The FBI is doing due diligence on this, eventually we will find out how bad, or not bad it is.

In the meantime, the leaks smell like politics.

Unknown said...

Who runs the executive branch? Obama, a Democrat

This might be in party fratricide, but don't blame the Republicans

Little Mitchy McConnell and the boys have spines made of linguini.

fred said...

Smith: snark is not a comment.
So far as I can tell, the FBI has gone through the files in question, decided that stuff there not marked top secret ought to be so marked, and so now, reclassified, will not release this material to the public.

That is a lot different that materials stamped Top Secret before FBI reclassification were widely available to the public and on Clinton's server.

Unknown said...


I am so happy that Hilary Clinton is the best intelligence asset of multiple spy agencies (Russia, China, Iran). That is quite an achievement and I think she should be in the Guinness book or records.

How many government employees get their own private server?

I have been told that Colin Powell had one. I also know that the law changed after Obama became president. So what Powell may have done legally does not apply to Hillary.

Stripping out section of email and repasting them to another email so as to not have markings etc shows that she knows she was doing wrong.

If it was not wrong then send the original email in toto to another "private" email server"

I have you tried to send a SF50 your SF50 to your private email account? It doesn't work.

Hillary looks good in orange and would be just as happy and just as confused in prison. The only difference is that prison warden would have to put up with her confusion and not Huma.

... but Huma could still write about it in her diary.

Hope your girl wins in November.