Saturday, January 30, 2016

U.S. Democrats Accuse Their Fellow Republicans Of 'Lying Through Their Teeth' On Ending The Iran Deal

The Hill: Dem: Republicans 'lying through their teeth' about ending Iran deal

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) suggested the Republican presidential field wouldn't go back on the Iranian nuclear deal if they win the White House, despite widespread opposition.

"I just do not believe that any of these Republican candidates are sincere. I think they are absolutely lying through their teeth when they say they are going to rip up this agreement," he said at a Council on Foreign Relations event in New York Friday.

He said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was "at the top of the list" for Republican candidates who wouldn't end the agreement.

"Marco Rubio knows better. He is not going to rip up this deal when he becomes president and he knows it," he said.

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WNU Editor: The Iranian nuclear agreement is a done deal .... no one is going to change it. What we are seeing now is politics and politicians trying to cater to their base.


B.Poster said...

I don't think the deal can be changed as Iran's allies would never allow it. I do think there may be changes that can be made to it that would make it more palatable and better representative of American interests.

Typically when one negotiates they start out with the their most extreme position which would be killing this deal and starting over. At this point negotiations ensue to hammer out a reasonable proposal that all sides can live with. The deal as it currently is was the equivalent of a gang rape of America by Iran and it's allies.

Perhaps if we can improve ties with Russia they can act on our behalf to ensure Iranian compliance with the terms of this deal and assist us in making necessary changes to this deal to ensure American interests are properly represented. In short, it's not going away. I think everyone knows that but perhaps adjustments can be made to make it more equitable.

Unknown said...

B Poster

I don't think giving the Iranians their money is being gang raped.

I much rather give it to their people or a follow-on government. This government is going to use it for the oligarchy and to cause trouble in the world.

The Russians won't care if the Iranians hurt America and there is no blow back
They won't care unless Iran looks north to the Caucacus or Central Asia

B.Poster said...


You are quite right. Giving the Iranians their money was ultimately going to be part of any fair and just settlement. Such a settlement needed to be accompanied by a change in Iranian behavior towards America. This did not happen and now Iran not only has the money but are further emboldened to harm America. This is a bad dituation for America all the way around.

While given the array of allies Iran has and the enemies America has, it's problematic at best that America culd prevent this anyway. Unfortunately with the current Obama Administration and it's anti-American upbrinhings it comes as little surprise that no resistence was offered to America's gang rape. After all such people woukd be hard pressed to offer meaningful resistance to the the harming of the person/country their upbringing taught them to hate with every fiber of their being. While such people can adjust, it'd be wise to treat anything they say with extreme skepticis.

While I'm pretyy sure no one is reading this at this time, Iran might do well to remember they had the most powerful country the world has ever known in the Soviet Union as an ally yet America miraculously survived Cold War 1. While Iran is on top of the world and everything right now, this may not last. While only an outside chance, the United States might actually survive and get better leaders who mighr actually represent America and its intersts, it could happen. In which case, Iran could be visited with the kind of "blowback" America is lectured with on a daily basis.

At this point, Iraniam agents could likely walk down American streets and wantonly kill Americans at no risk to themselves. Afterall shoot the Iranian agent means war crimes charges and the Iranians are martyrs and war heroes.

Also, America could become a Chritian nation again, the Red Sea could part, and America might actually survive. History is replete with the riduculously unlikely happening. While Iran currently has power and control over America, that America has never had over it, this may not last. To Iran, I would suggest stay humble!! Even if America can't threaten you as you laugh in the face of your joke arversary of America right now knowibg they aren't on your level in any way shspe or form. Another adversary may arise someday. Stay humble or, in your case, get humble!!