Friday, February 5, 2016

Chinese President Xi Jinping Wants To Now Be Referred As 'The Core Leader'

Visitors posing in front of an image of Mr. Deng in Shenzhen, China. Officials have suggested that hailing Mr. Xi as a leader of similar stature carries a warning not to question his authority. Credit Tyrone Siu/Reuters

New York Times: Xi Jinping Assuming New Status as China’s ‘Core’ Leader

BEIJING — China’s president, Xi Jinping, has already grasped more power more quickly than his two recent predecessors, and he has shown a taste for audacious decisions and a loathing for dissent. But a new push to praise him as China’s “core” leader, a term resonant with the formidable stature once held by Deng Xiaoping, suggests that his steely quest for dominance is not over.

As Mr. Xi confronts economic challenges and prepares to pick a fresh cohort of subordinates, he has demanded that Communist Party officials close ranks around him more tightly than ever, and references to Mr. Xi as the “core” leader have become a daily occurrence in China’s state-run news media.

“Such sudden, unabashed references to Xi’s dominance in the leadership suggest he finally has turned the page on crushing the cabal of senior officials who opposed his ascension and remains a man in a hurry when it comes to fully consolidating his political power,” said Christopher K. Johnson, an expert on Chinese politics at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

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WNU Editor: I was in China when Deng Xiaoping was in power, and he was always referred to as the "Core Leader". But what I find comical is that unlike President Xi, Deng Xiaoping did not have to send a memo or have state media telling everyone them that he was to be referred in such a manner .... everyone knew instinctively that he was the leader .... "Core" and all. Chinese President Xi is a different character .... and he is certainly not as confident as Deng Xiaoping .... but he is the President, and his anti-corruption campaign has put the fear in everyone.... hence he is going to get what he wants .... for now. But this "authoritarian" push should not surprise anyone, China is facing problems, and the economy is President Xi's Achilles Heel .... As China’s economy unravels, Beijing’s attempts at damage control are growing increasingly desperate (Quartz). President Xi knows this .... hence he is consolidating his power, even though he has been President since March  2013.


James said...

Considering all the things old Deng managed to survive and still end up on top after all, yeah I bet he didn't have to send out a memo.

War News Updates Editor said...

That small guy was a lion. The Chinese I knew (and know) always enjoy arguing and expressing their opinions .... but no one ever argued with Deng .... not because they were afraid of him .... it was because of his history and background .... as well as his character. He had respect because he earned it .... something that is very hard for a Chinese leader to attain.

Unknown said...

Maybe China needs more consumer consumption like a 3 child policy.

After seeing all the pictures of wrecks in Chengdu, they have got to be running out of people.