Monday, February 29, 2016

Migrants Storm The Greece - Macedonia Border

CNN: Migrants break through Macedonia-Greece border fence as backlog mounts

(CNN)Scores of migrants broke through a barbed-wire security fence on the Greece-Macedonia border Monday, as tensions over new restrictions along the key land route into Europe boiled over in violent scenes.

And more than 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) away in Calais, in northwest France, clashes erupted as authorities moved to dismantle structures at the "Jungle," an infamous migrant camp marked for partial demolition.

Crowds at a border camp near the Greek village of Idomeni on the Macedonian border, a main transit point for refugees traveling to western Europe, used a large pole to ram through the border gate, while authorities deployed tear gas and rubber bullets in an attempt to keep the chanting crowd at bay.

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WNU Editor: Winter is coming to a close in Europe .... I expect the migration crisis to start heating up in the next 4 - 6 weeks. What we are seeing right now on the Greece-Macedonia border is just a small glimpse on what to expect this summer.

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James said...

Shooting gets closer.

Caecus said...

If the EU had removed Assad instead of Qaddafi, and then claimed that all refugees were welcome this wouldn't be happening right now... or maybe it's what they want.

Anonymous said...

The tougher response the better

Jay Farquharson said...

Last years Refugee's by the rough percentages:

Syria. 32%*
Afghanistan. 15%
Kosovo. 13%
Iraq. 11%
Albania. 9%
Pakistan. 8%
Other. 12%

*the Syrian numbers are questioned, as fake Syrian Passports are the easiest to obtain in the "shelter" counties like Turkey, Lybia, Lebanon, and many refugee's may have acquired the passports both as basic documents, and for the "preferential" treatment.

Given that 3/4's of Syria's refugee's are internal, and are sheltering in Government held zones, and the external Syrian Refugee's are dominantly from Jihadi held areas, and that most fled Syria when the Jihadi's were "winning", well before the R+6 started their offensive,

Given the sources of the majority of the refugees, the timing of the migrations, the transit routes used, a logical person would conclude that the refugees are the end product of the West's wars to topple Assad, Quafaddi, Hussien, the Taliban and Milosovich.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

Yep that's right we also need to keep on mind that the EU countries vote for this governments so they got what they want right ,I say that Europe needs 20 million more refugees and if they are Wahhabi's much better.