Thursday, March 24, 2016

Belgium Terror Attacks -- News Updates March 24, 2016

Web of terror: A list of 100 suspected terrorists was handed to Belgian authorities in the weeks before the Paris attacks yet little appears to have been done to track the key jihadi fanatics behind both atrocities

Daily Mail: The web of terror from Paris to Brussels: How blundering police missed chance after chance to smash network of jihadis who brought carnage to French capital then triggered bloodbath in Belgium

* List of nearly 100 Islamic militants given to authorities a month before Paris
* Molenbeek is the Brussels district at the heart of the web of terror
* Cell that planned Paris and Brussels attacks based in Molenbeek
* District's Mayor Fran├žoise Schepmans said it wasn't her job to track them

Just four weeks before the carnage in Paris, a list of nearly 100 suspected Islamic militants – many with links to Syria – was passed to the mayor of the Molenbeek, the Brussels district that now stands at the heart of the web of terror linking the atrocities in France and Belgium.

Provided by Belgium’s security services, it included not only the names but also the addresses of men who were to become pivotal in the bloodshed and horror in Brussels and Paris.

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Belgium Terror Attacks -- News Updates March 24, 2016

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Islamic State threat in Europe ‘more urgent’ than feared, security chief warns -- Washington Post
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EU reportedly ordered Belgium to close security holes weeks before Brussels attacks -- FOX News
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NATO breeds frustration, but is vital tool in IS fight -- AP
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