Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 30, 2016

WSJ: Pentagon Readies More Robust U.S. Military Presence in Eastern Europe

Move aims to reassure NATO allies and send message to Russia

The Pentagon has drawn up plans to position American troops, tanks and other armored vehicles full time along NATO’s eastern borders to deter Russian aggression, in what would be the first such deployment since the end of the Cold War.

The Pentagon intends the plans as an escalation of a proposal it announced last year, when it said it was looking at ways to increase U.S. military deterrence in Eastern Europe, such as prepositioning older materiel in the region.

Some countries on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s eastern flank have expressed concern about the depth of the U.S. commitment to their defense—especially in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intervention in Ukraine.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 30, 2016

Pentagon reportedly lays out plan for increased US presence in Eastern Europe -- FOX News

US Officials: Pentagon to deploy armored brigade combat team to Eastern Europe early next year -- AP

NATO needs to beef up defense of Baltic airspace: top commander -- Reuters

French President: 3,000 Extra Staff Hired for Euro Security -- AP

Russia’s strategic missile force to test mobile robot at forthcoming exercise -- TASS

Russian weaponry selling best in Latin America -- TASS

Russia Expects Yak-130 Jet Trainers to Appear in Latin America Soon -- Sputnik

Qatar, France Complete Dassault Rafale Fighter Jet Deal -- Defense News

Saab To Partner with Tata Power To Manufacture LEDS in India -- Defense News

Israel’s military chief issues memo after West Bank shooting -- AP

Saudi Arabia, Oman set up arms factories -- IHS Jane's 360

France to end military operations in Central African Republic this year -- France 24

Zika virus command center leads biggest military operation in Brazil's history -- The Guardian

US: NKorea threat compels security steps China won't like -- AP

U.S., allies conduct 24 strikes against Islamic State: U.S. military -- Reuters

US Improving Accuracy of Airstrikes, Intel Against ISIS: Dunford --

F-16 crashes near Bagram Airfield, pilot safe -- Defense News

Ohio Replacement Plan Is Good News For Electric Boat -- Breaking Defense

US Navy Picks Electric Boat as Prime Contractor for New Sub -- AP

Slimmed-down F-35 Gen III helmet to be introduced sooner -- Flight Global

Lockheed Martin begins testing of Aegis combat system on first Hobart-class destroyer -- IHS Jane's 360

Lockheed Martin Resumes Production of Tactical Missile Systems -- Sputnik

Boeing to Cut More Than 4,500 Jobs -- WSJ

Ex-Navy SEAL From Chicago Invents War Paint For Military, Hunters -- DNA Info

Trump’s claim that the U.S. pays the ‘lion’s share’ for NATO -- Washington Post

Pentagon defends NATO after Trump criticism -- The Hill

The next president must start national security planning now, a top expert warns -- Defense News/Military Times

Dunford: Next U.S. Military Strategy Document will be Classified -- USNI News

The Enduring Danger of Nuclear Weapons -- Jay Bennett, Popular Mechanics

A Nuclear-Armed ISIS? It’s Not That Farfetched, Expert Says -- Patrick Tucker, Defense One

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