Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Poll: Majority Of Americans View The Islamic State As A 'Serious Threat'

Islamic State fighters parade on military vehicles along the streets of a northern Raqqa province in Syria. (Reuters)

The Hill: Poll: Few think ISIS will be destroyed within year

Just 17 percent of voters think it’s likely the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will be destroyed in the next year, according to a poll released Monday.

In the Rasmussen Reports poll, 68 percent of likely voters surveyed said they think ISIS is a very serious threat to the United States, and another 20 percent said they think the terrorist group is a somewhat serious threat. Only 1 percent of respondents in the most recent poll said ISIS wasn’t a threat at all.

Pollsters found increased concern over the ISIS threat. Last month, 60 percent thought ISIS was a very serious threat.

The poll was conducted after ISIS-claimed attacks in Brussels last week that killed at least 31 people, including at least four Americans, and renewed anxiety about the terror group's threat and reach.

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WNU Editor: The majority are correct on this one. Details on the poll are here .... Voters See ISIS As Serious, Long-Term Threat (Rasmussen).

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Unknown said...

The voters see ISIS as a threat and Obama has his pop-gun approach.

Never send a child ( ) to do a man's (Putin) job.