Thursday, March 31, 2016

Report: Hillary Clinton To Be Interviewed By FBI Director Comey On Email Scandal

Mediaite: AJAM’s David Shuster Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Director Comey in Coming Days

Al Jazeera America may be shutting off the lights permanently soon, but that doesn’t mean reporters like David Shuster aren’t continuing to go about their business until the final gun sounds.

Wednesday night, Shuster just reported on the 7:00 PM EST AJAM nightly newscast that the FBI has completed its examination of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton‘s private email server after an investigation lasting nearly one year. The former Fox News and MSNBC reporter states investigators are nearing a verdict whether to seek criminal charges against the Former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady.

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WNU Editor: This is actually old news .... but bottom line .... the next few weeks are going to be interesting.


Anonymous said...

She is a very evil woman need to be convicted

Anonymous said...

I recently watch the Hoover Institution interview with Gen. Hayden. The Gen suggested that Comey is an honorable man who will do a thorough job, but what the Justice Department will do with his conclusions is another matter.