Thursday, March 24, 2016

Report: Two North Korean Militia Units Are Fighting Alongside Syrian Government Forces

Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat: Is North Korea Fighting for Assad in Syria?

Two North Korean militias are fighting for Bashar al-Assad the Syrian opposition claims.

Two North Korean militia units are fighting alongside Syrian government forces a representative of a Syrian opposition delegation claimed in Geneva this week, according to TASS.

Asaad al-Zoubi, a leading figure in the so-called High Negotiations Committee delegation, the Saudi-backed main opposition bloc, revealed the information amidst ongoing U.N.-sponsored peace talks on Syria in Geneva on Tuesday.

“Two North Korean units are there, which are Chalma-1 and Chalma-7,” al Zoubi said. According to the opposition, a former colonel in the Syrian Arab Army who now heads the Free Syrian Army in the south of the country, the North Korean fighters are “fatally dangerous.”

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WNU Editor: I am sceptical of these reports. No pictures. No videos. No eyewitness reports. If there are North Koreans fighting in Syria .... their numbers must be negligible.

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Anonymous said...

Very best place to go sharpen your skills to kill your enemies.

Jay Farquharson said...

Aside from getting shot at, or practicing triage and first aid on actually wounded, blown up, dismembered people, there is nothing the NORK's can learn from combat in Syria.

When war comes to Korea, it's going to be completely different than the Syrian Civil War.

Jay Farquharson said...

It's amazing how gullible the Media thinks we are.

War News Updates Editor said...

I concur Jay that the North Koreans have nothing to learn from the Syrian conflict .... aside from the obvious. And if war does occur on the peninsula .... the U.S. would probably lose more soldiers in the first month of combat than what they lost in Afghanistan and Iraq since 9/11 combined. Civilian casualties would reach the levels of Syria within a few months .... sooner if WMDs are used. And the economic costs .... incalculable.

Jay Farquharson said...

According to past MSM bs. on Syria, Cubans are driving the SAA tanks, Chinese are flying the aircraft and the Liaoning is launching airstrikes from the Med, Chechen Security Forces are raiding and assasinating FSA leaders, Zimbabwean Merc's are operation the SAA's artillary,

And Russia wouldn't intervene in Syria, when she did, it would be an ineffective Quagmire, the RASF wouldn't be able to keep their rustbucket planes flying, the aireal bombing would be ineffective, Putin would pressure Assad to step down,

Yada, yada, yada,........

RRH said...

And let's not forget, Hezbollah is pulling out of Syria.

And I agree with both of you.

A war on the Korean Penninsula would be more akin to the epic battles of WW2 with more destructive weapons being applied. And if anyone thinks Chairman Xi (and that is his title) and Co. would sit this one out, they're dreaming.

On an aside,

My Grandfather, a WW2 vet, was offered a promotion to re-enlist and go to Korea in the Fifties. He wrote "go to hell" on the letter and sent it back to Ottawa.